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Sportflex ROLL

Sportflex Roll rubber surfaces are certified mats for gyms and fitness rooms, unfolded from a roll and glued to the ground. The mats are flexible, resistant to deformation and extremely durable.
Your customers will appreciate the convenience of its use, joint protection and noise insulation – thanks to this, they will choose your gym more often. Sportflex Roll is a combination of two extremely important features – professional appearance and safety of use.

Width: 1,00m or 1,25m
Roll length: 10m
Thickness: from 2 to 12mm
Density: 1050, 950, 860 and 750kg/m3
Color: Black



Sportflex Roll are mats made of rubber granulate, thanks to which they have a cushioning function. This is extremely important during fitness, crossfit and weight training. Its use also improves the comfort of exercise – it does not dirty hands and clothes, gives a sense of stability, is non-slip.

It will work in fitness rooms, gyms, sports halls, gymnastics rooms, as well as in a home gym. Sportflex Roll are mats resistant to abrasion, dents and falling loads, thanks to which you can forget about floor renovation for many years. The paint used to color the rubber granulate does not fade, even when the sun is shining on it. You want your gym to look like new for a long time – you just found the solution!

We produce safe surfaces in a Polish factory and subject them to regular tests.
Sportflex Roll mats have been certified by the Building Research Institute – as a customer, you can be sure that you are buying a product that is compliant with the declared performance and made in accordance with current production standards.

If you want your gym to:
– ensured the safety of customers
– was rated as professional
– it had an aesthetic and modern interior
Sportlex Roll is for you.

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SPORTFLEX ROLL – BLACK sports mat is available in only one color – black. The color of the mat is durable, it does not rub off or fade over many years.



  • PZH certificate
  • roll dimensions: 1,0/1,25m x 10m
  • thickness: 2-12mm
  • frostproof
  • anti-slip
  • high heat resistance
  • high mechanical resistance
  • sound absorption capacity
  • self-cleaning properties
  • simple and quick installation
  • homogeneous structure over the entire cross-section
  • do not sink



  • mats should be laid with parallel strips butt to each other,
  • joints and edges of the laid mats, along the entire length from the bottom, should be glued with a dedicated self-adhesive tape or glued to the substrate with a dedicated adhesive to eliminate the mat edge curling upwards,
  • mats should be used in accordance with the technical design developed for a specific facility, taking into account applicable standards and technical and construction regulations,
  • rooms in which the product has been used should be ventilated for a period allowing for the removal of the product-specific odor,
  • rooms where the product has been used should be put into operation after min. 28 days from the application of the mat

Detailed installation description can be found in the FITTING INSTRUCTIONS (download in PDF).