MTJ Group - producent bezpiecznych nawierzchni nr 1 w Polsce



Who are we?

We are first of all the biggest Polish producer of rubber mats and surfaces. We have reached this exceptional position thanks to tens of thousands of customers who have trusted us. For good reason. From the very beginning, we have run our business according to the principles we believe in. This ensures that we deliver a product that is safe, durable and just really good. With us, everything falls into place.



  • You are betting on certified, safe surfaces from a proven, trusted manufacturer.
  • You support the domestic economy by buying a Polish product.
  • A wide range of rubber mats and surfaces – find the perfect product for your needs.
  • Your time and convenience are important to us, so our products are quick and easy to install: The panels are equipped with 16 mounting sockets (4 per side), so you only need to connect them with the corrugated dowels. No glue!
  • Our mats and surfaces are certified 1. 0 ÷ 2. 8 m, PZH certified and meet EU standards. This way you can be sure that everything will be as it should be.
  • You are entering into a partnership with a company with principles. We won’t let you down.


Rubber mats and boards made of the best quality materials. They will serve for many years.


For athletes, for kids, for everyone. There is no room for doubt here.


Proven, tested and compliant with EU standards. We have the paperwork to prove it.


Products from Polish manufacturer are a guarantee of good product for years.



We base our business model on guidelines that matter. We combine uncompromising care for the safety of users of our rubber surfaces with an individual approach to each order. What counts is quality – of products and service.

We are committed to ensuring that our products not only meet expectations, but exceed them. Therefore, we support our many years of experience with constant development and search for innovative solutions. Why? So that our customers can be absolutely sure that they are placing their trust in the right and responsible company. The mats they get will serve them for years.

We meet our customers’ needs and are constantly improving to always deliver the best possible merchandise at an attractive price. However, we do not forget that there is always a human being on the other side, so we leave with an outstretched hand. Always.

If you’re looking for a company that simply knows its stuff, doesn’t waste your time and can communicate in a human way, you’ve found it. Check us out.