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Sportflex SQUARE

Sportflex SQUARE Black rubber mats are surfaces for the most demanding customers, straight from the Polish manufacturer. Explore the aesthetics and durability you can rely on. They are not only extremely easy to install, but also have such features as non-slip, softness, flexibility and resistance to mechanical damage. Take a look!

Dimensions: 100x100cm
Thickness: 10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45mm
Colour: Black


Sportflex SQUARE 92.63 MB



If you are looking for the perfect combination of classic aesthetics with durability for demanding customers, this pavement is for you. It will be perfect for fitness and crossfit halls, as well as for lifting heavy weights. Protect your floor from damage with quality you can trust.

The mats have successfully passed tests for retaining their properties despite product aging, confirming compliance with the requirements of PN-EN 14877:2014-02.

Our mats have received the anti-slip class R10.
Trust proven surfaces!

Remember that you can find Sportflex rubber mats in as many as 8 thickness variants: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45mm. If you do not know which one to reach for, please contact us, and you will surely be able to choose a product that will not only serve you for years, but will ensure full comfort and safety of use.



The SPORTFLEX SQUARE – BLACK sports mat is available in only one color – black. The color of the mat is durable and does not rub off or fade over many years.



  • PN-EN 14877:2014-02
  • board dimensions: 100x100cm
  • board thickness: 10-45mm
  • frostproof
  • anti-slip R10 class
  • high heat resistance
  • high mechanical resistance
  • sound absorption capacity
  • self-cleaning properties
  • simple and quick installation
  • homogeneous structure over the entire cross-section
  • do not sink



  • The surface of rubber mats should be laid on a concrete foundation (on a self-leveling screed). Floors (panels, carpet) are also acceptable, provided the surface is even, hard and forms a uniform layer
  • The substrate should be cleaned before laying (rubbish, crushed concrete, etc. must absolutely be removed completely before installing the panels)
  • The mats should not be laid at temperatures above 25°C and below 5°C
  • The mats have two sides – the top one (bevelled) and the bottom one (smooth)
  • The individual mats are connected to each other in an adjacent or interleaved arrangement
  • Start laying the mats from the wall itself and work towards the opposite side. The spreading of the first and second rows is very important to ensure accuracy and no gaps in subsequent rows of the installation
  • Due to the firm fit of the individual edges, do not be discouraged by initial unevenness after laying – after a short time the whole structure will even out (granules / rubber is a material that adapts and changes its properties under the influence of temperature)
  • Any cutting (at walls, pillars) is always done by the customer himself
  • To cut the mats, use a sharp knife and make 2-3 deep cuts (the strip along which you cut may be helpful). In order to facilitate this process, a second strip can be placed under the cut mat (after the first cut) to bulge the mat and facilitate cutting

Detailed installation description can be found in the FITTING INSTRUCTIONS (download in PDF).