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Our extensive range of mats for stables, cubicles and animal runs are a sound investment. They can be successfully laid out inside the facility as well as outside. As a manufacturer of rubber mats we took care of their high quality, thanks to which they meet the latest EU standards. They are certainly an essential piece of equipment for livestock facilities – not only do they make the animals more comfortable, but they also protect them from joint injuries and from possible slipping – AGROFLEX mats have the R10 anti-slip class.


AGROFLEX are rubber boards which are perfect for stud farms and riding schools. They were created to ensure the safety of animals and to make it easier for stable owners to care for them.
Dimensions: 100x100cm
Thickness: 20/25/30/35/40/45mm
Colour: Black / Red / Green / Grey


FLEXMAT rubber matting is the ideal substrate for laying frequently used paths on farms and in riding schools. This product is distinguished by its safe application, high durability and resistance to abrasion. Overgrown mats become overgrown with grass after a while (which is natural), leaving the ground stable.
Dimensions: 100x150cm
Thickness: 23mm
Colour: Black / Green



Rubber mats for stables and boxes are a purchase that will work reliably for years. Not only will they increase the comfort of your pets, but they will also greatly reduce your responsibilities. When talking about their advantages, you should also consider:

  • resistant to mechanical damage and heavy weight
  • they are non-slip, thus ensuring the safety of the animals
  • have shock-absorbing properties which benefit the joints
  • are very easy to install both indoors and outdoors
  • rubber mats for stables are easy to keep clean
  • are an excellent insulator
  • protect the floor proper
  • make the air in the entire facility much cleaner – less litter means lower dust levels

Rubber mats and plates made of the best materials. They serve for years


Protects against slipping, increases animal comfort


Proven, tested and compliant with EU standards. We have the paperwork to prove it


Products from Polish manufacturer are a guarantee of good product for years



Stall mats for horses, or maybe for a cow bed? Modern breeding facilities, sometimes covering a large area, are increasingly concerned with the comfort of their animals, which not only promotes their condition, but also lactation in the case of cows. Animals feel more secure on them and are protected from possible slipping. Our offer includes rubber mats for horses and other animals of various sizes and thicknesses, so you are sure to find the right mat for your stable.