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Proflex EPDM

Proflex EPDM rubber plates are made of rubber granulate with a top layer of EPDM granulate. By using appropriately selected stabilizers, the color on the top layer of the board is extremely resistant to UV radiation. Safe surfaces made of EPDM slabs, will allow you to create a safe, colourful and dreamed of play area. Proflex EPDM is a safe surface available in 24 different colours.

Dimensions: 50x50cm
Thickness: 30/35/40/45/50/60/70/75/90mm
Colour: 24 colour variations (see below)


Proflex EPDM 2,963.73 MB



The top quality Proflex EPDM rubber layer boards are made of SBR rubber granules combined with a top layer of EPDM granules. Many years of experience helped us to create high quality surfaces with elastic properties and at the same time high resistance to abrasion and the impact of adverse weather conditions.

Proflex EPDM boards are manufactured in accordance with the latest EU standard PN-EN 1177:2019. It is a guarantee that thanks to this type of boards you will create a safe surface for playgrounds or gyms (HIC certificate from 1. 0m to 2. 8m). Our EPDM plates have also been certified by PZH.

  • HIC certificate 1. 0 ÷ 2. 8m shock absorption for falls up to 2. 8m
  • EU standard PN-EN 1177:2019 guarantees production in accordance with EU standards
  • PZH certificate confirms safety of use
  • R11 anti-slip class

Surfaces made of EPDM rubber plates are widely used, including those most often used by the youngest children on playgrounds and sports fields. They guarantee full safety and maximum health protection while playing and at the same time they do not limit the users’ expression. They are installed for many years, because due to the permeable structure and linear drains, they become frost resistant and have high mechanical strength.

In order to provide children with maximum protection against abrasions and unpleasant falls, it is worth reaching for flexible rubber boards PROFLEX EPDM !



  • PN:EN 1177:2019
  • HIC Certificate
  • PZH certificate
  • board dimensions: 50x50cm
  • board thickness: 30-90mm
  • frostproof
  • anti-slip R11 class
  • high heat resistance
  • high mechanical resistance
  • sound absorption capacity
  • self-cleaning properties
  • simple and quick installation
  • homogeneous structure over the entire cross-section
  • do not sink
  • without edge-wrapping effect



A great advantage of the panels is that they are installed on a 15-20 cm thick aggregate foundation without a stabilizing layer of sand and cement, which significantly reduces the cost of installation. There is also the possibility of installation on concrete and paving stones. The method of assembly with studs eliminates the need for gluing the boards to each other and gluing the boards to the substrate.

Mounting sockets

Each plate is equipped with 16 mounting holes, which can be connected to other elements with the help of corrugated dowels. This solution eliminates the effect of curled edges.

Gniazda montażowe

Odpływ liniowy

Linear drain system

Ensures a free flow of water in line with the slope of the ground.

We can distinguish two ways of laying the boards: adjacent arrangement and on the interlayer.

Adjacent system
Layout on a divider