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Are you looking for high quality, reliable rubber plates for playgrounds? You will find them in the extensive offer of safe surfaces by the MTJ Group, thanks to which children of all ages will be guaranteed safety while playing. They meet the latest EU standards PN:EN 1177:2019 and are certified by PZH. You can be sure that they will perform reliably even over many years. Our rubber playground tiles are cushioning, so you can forget about painful falls, abrasions, or other injuries compared to concrete, asphalt, or rocky surfaces – HIC certified. We are the only company in Poland that produces rubber mats with anti-slip class R10 (for boards 100x100cm) and R11 (for boards 50x50cm)

Proflex SBR

The top quality Proflex SBR rubber layer boards are made of SBR rubber granulate with a coloured top layer. They are resistant to the elements and to mechanical damage, while remaining soft and safe in the event of a fall.
Dimensions: 50x50cm
Thickness: 30/35/40/45/50/60/70/75/90mm
Colour: Black / Red / Green / Grey / Blue

Proflex EPDM

Proflex EPDM rubber plates are made of SBR rubber granulate with a top layer of EPDM granulate. By using appropriately selected stabilizers, the color on the top layer of the board is extremely resistant to UV radiation.
Dimensions: 50x50cm
Thickness: 30/35/40/45/50/60/70/75/90mm
Colour: 24 colour variations


EKOFLEX is a high quality SBR rubber sandwich panels recommended as the surface for the playground at your house. They guarantee full safety and maximum health protection while playing, and at the same time they do not limit children’s expression.
Dimensions: 50x50cm
Thickness: 25mm
Colour: Black / Red / Green / Grey / Blue

PROFLEX BOARDS rubber edging can be used on playgrounds with rubber surfaces, but also with sand surfaces. The edges are extremely flexible and can therefore be easily bent at any angle.
Dimensions: 100x25cm
Thickness: 50mm
Colour: Black / Red / Green / Grey / Blue


Overflex rubber pads can be used wherever the rubber surface is covered with a concrete curb – on playgrounds, outdoor gyms, recreational areas and sports fields.
Length: 100cm
Width: 6/8cm
Colour: Black / Red / Green / Gray / Blue

Proflex PLAY

Rubber surfacing with twister and hopscotch are the most popular playground enhancement ideas, but there are more possibilities! You can use the plates with shapes, letters or numbers in any way you like. Also make use of the letters by arranging the alphabet or any lettering on the playground.
Dimensions: 50x50cm
Thickness: 30/35/40/45/50/60/70/75/90mm
Type: Hopscotch / Twister


FLEXMAT rubber matting is the ideal substrate for playgrounds, outdoor gyms and gardens at a low cost. This product is distinguished by its safe application, high durability and resistance to abrasion. Overgrown mats become overgrown with grass after a while (which is natural), leaving the ground stable.
Dimensions: 100x150cm
Thickness: 23mm
Colour: Black / Green



Rubber panels for the playground and outdoor gym greatly enhance the appeal of these facilities in the eyes of caring parents and their children. They prevent injuries and protect users from painful falls. PROFLEX SBR and EPDM additionally:

  • are equipped with practical linear drains that prevent water from accumulating and flowing down the slope
  • can be installed on aggregate substructure – no need to prepare concrete substructure beforehand
  • do not sink – thanks to the technology of hollow joint holes on the surface of the rubber playground tile there are no indentations
  • they do not curl at the edges – this is prevented by the homogeneous structure throughout the cross-section
  • they are anti-slip and frost resistant, which is a very practical feature in our climate
  • resistant to mechanical damage and temperature fluctuations
  • very quick to install – our rubber playground boards are joined together using 16 mounting pins, 4 per edge

The highest quality materials from a Polish manufacturer


HIC 1.0 ÷ 2.8m fall absorption up to 2. 8m


PZH certificate confirms the safety of use


PN-EN 1177:2019 guarantees standard-compliant production



Surfaces made of rubber plates are widely used. They are most often used by children in playgrounds, but also by athletes in outdoor gyms. The playground can be combined with an activity zone for children, e. g. with ladders or climbing walls, backyard games like twister, a space for dancing or jumping on a skipping rope. An integral part of the children’s playground can be a gym for parents – a perfect way to spend safe time together outdoors or a mini sports field with a football goal or a basketball stand.