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Rubber mats for the gym, distinguished by the highest quality, unique design and original appearance. They are available in puzzle or square shapes. They will create an ideal surface worth lining for all kinds of gyms, fitness rooms, crossfit and running tracks. Thanks to their smooth structure, the mats are easy to maintain. Gym rubber mats protect you from injury while exercising. They also provide great cushioning when jumping and dropping weights. All floors in our offer are characterized by very good technical parameters. SPORTFLEX gym mats have the R10 anti-slip class.

Sportflex PUZZLE

SPORTFLEX PUZZLE rubber mats are mats in the shape of a PUZZLE. They protect the floor from scratches, cushion falls and protect against abrasions. They are perfect for gyms and fitness rooms.
Dimensions: 103x103cm
Thickness: 10/15/20/25/30mm
Pattern: imitation of 4 puzzles / no imitation

Sportflex SQUARE

SPORTFLEX SQUARE rubber mats are square-shaped mats. They protect the floor from scratches, cushion falls and protect against abrasions. In addition, they dampen sounds and absorb heavy weights.
Dimensions: 100x100cm
Thickness: 10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45mm

Sportflex ROLL

Sportflex Roll rubber surfaces are certified mats for gyms and fitness rooms, unfolded from a roll and glued to the ground. Made of rubber granulate, thanks to which they have a shock-absorbing function.
Width: 1,00m or 1,25m
Roll length: 10m
Thickness: from 2 to 12mm
Density: 1050, 950, 860 and 750kg/m3


FLEXMAT rubber mats are the perfect solution for outdoor gyms. This product is distinguished by its safe application, high durability and resistance to abrasion. Overgrown mats become overgrown with grass after a while (which is natural), leaving the ground stable.
Dimensions: 100x150cm
Thickness: 23mm
Colour: Black / Green



By opting for rubber flooring for your gym, you can be sure that you will ensure the safety of those who exercise on it. With our products you can avoid painful falls, bruises and abrasions. They also absorb shocks very well.

The rubber gym mats on offer are characterised by excellent technical parameters:

  • are extremely durable
  • are not subject to deformation (ideal for areas with heavy machinery and loads)
  • they have a smooth structure, which makes them easy to keep clean
  • their porous surface ensures safety during physical activity
  • large size of the mat allows for quick folding and unfolding of the boards
  • extensive manufacturing process ensures full repeatability and precise cutting of each element of the rubber plate

Rubber mats and plates made of the best materials. They serve for years


Protects against injuries and cushions falls


PZH certificate confirms safety of use


Products from Polish manufacturer are a guarantee of good product for years



Sports mats are available in a variety of thicknesses: 15-45mm, so they can be precisely tailored to the specific needs of your gym. The 10mm and 15mm thick mats are suitable for fitness rooms and also as a protective layer against scratches. 20mm and 25mm thick mats provide excellent floor protection against falling loads. Thicker mats of 30-45mm provide optimal damping of sounds and vibrations caused by intensive exercise – these are extreme mats for weightlifting platforms or for protecting the floor against heavy weights.